Thursday, 2 May 2013

Paperclip Project

Before Easter I had the experience of doing an industry project for the card and stationary company, Paperclip, Bath. I really enjoyed this project as it allowed me to try something I don't usually do! I've always loved stationary and continue to enjoy making my own handcrafted cards, though this project pushed me to dabble in a bit of drawn and Photoshopped designs.
Fun it may have been but also a challenge and some important lessons learnt; for now at least I shall stick to constructed and manipulated 3D textiles... Here are some photos summarising the project and the final designs.

Inspiration for colour. 

Painting the initial designs... Inspiration came from folklore celebrations

The new baby collection

The wedding collection

The Christmas collection

Close up on the wedding collection

Christmas card, 'Children dancing'

Close up on Christmas collection

giftwrap with gingham printed fabric and newborn garland gift tag

Close up on newborn collection

Extra large Christmas wreath gift tag

My final 3 collections; Newborn, Wedding, and Christmas