Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Shades of Coral Lustre

Second colour, 'coral lustre'... sort of peachy tones. Tomorrow's colour... silver plummet...  xxx

Some sparkly yarns i'm using here and there....

Thursday, 24 January 2013

Robin's egg blue

In my previous post I mentioned my sister's wedding in August and to expect more wedding related posts... Well today the designs for the wedding invitations were ready! (benefits of uni facilities!) Other news, i've dyed my first colour for this project- Robin's egg blue. Also, the posters are beginning to pop up for our Exhibition... xx

Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Working from Home

Introducing you to the domestic knitting machine! I hope to buy one at some point (apparently only about £100 from eBay) but for now a hired one from uni will do. I aim to have a 9-5 work ethic and I do tend to go to uni every day... But today, I'm working from home. Which is a lovely change and has many benefits including regular tea breaks and watching Phil and Holly on This Morning... Was a crazy knit lady today trying out some experiments for my knitted jewellery designs. xx

My workspace at home, my trusty sewing machine, fairy lights and the hired knitting machine.

Knitting a giant chain, taking ages.

potential cushion cover...

Many cups of tea (appropriately snowy mug)

draped knit necklace...

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Save the Date

Snowy view of Bath from campus, experiments starting, messy workspace... And a delivery came! Polystyrene eggs and jewellery pieces I can start playing with for my project. But more exciting news, my save the date card came through for my sister Lara's wedding! Lara and Dan will be getting married  on the 17th August this year- Many jobs todo and exciting organising, but for now sadly, I must concentrate on uni work :( Be sure to expect more wedding related posts in the near future though! xx

Monday, 21 January 2013

The Walcot Project

A group from my course are doing an exhibition called 'The Walcot Project'. Our brief was to include something that related to the word Gradient, and collectively we decided to include some metallic element in our work... For my project I decided to take inspiration from statement necklaces (possible metallic reference here!) and bird's eggs. Though initially seeming random, these will inspire the colours, forms, designs and end product. My concept is, 'Adorning the home' creating jewellery pieces you could use to decorate interiors. Being the new year and all and the fact our exhibition will be in February and heading towards Easter... I felt looking at eggs, being a symbol of new life, would be appropriate for the project. I also love their distinctive shape, range in size (fitting the gradient theme), ceramic and jewel like qualities and the mottled beautiful tones of colours they come in, especially robin's egg blues.

My work space, inspiring images and a selection of my own necklaces to get my creativity flowing.

Working towards a colour palette.

Gradient of eggs.

Luxurious yarn being prepared for dying. Merino wool, Banana loop, and silk.

Have a look at my pinterest board, 'Adorn me' to see the images that are inspiring this project... http://pinterest.com/stephanieellen1/adorn-me/

Saturday, 19 January 2013

Snow Days

I've been meaning to set up a blog for sometime, and with the current 'snow days' it has been an ideal time to get started! I'm in my second year of uni and though it may not be the start of the academic year, nor even the very start to the new year, it is still January so I feel it justifies as new year, new start- new blog! I intend to keep regular updates of my work (working progress!), my inspiration, and whatever is happening in my life that will help towards developing myself as a designer/maker. So watch this space and I hope whoever wonders this way, enjoys! :)