Friday, 12 July 2013

Wedding hair

I suppose the positive side of having little money is that it stretches your creativity. I was faced with this predicament when planning my outfit for a wedding i'm going to tomorrow. I was planning on having something in my hair and after looking around the shops I decided I would attempt to make my own hair pins. With a little playing about with hair styles and fabric manipulation, I feel rather pleased with the final pieces. I've made a large floral style pin with lace and vintage buttons as well as three mini delicate blossom pins to complete the look. I hope you like them, I can't wait to wear them tomorrow for the wedding!

Friday, 5 July 2013

Exploring... Corfu

It's something about the hot sun that makes all the colours zing and everything you see beautiful. The greek romance and exotic climate inspires me. I love the painted walls, terracotta's and turquoise sea. Where ever I go I always take note of things with interesting textures and curious lighting. 

Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Ending year 2, Beginning of...

The second year has drawn to an end and i'm now working my way to the final leg, third year. It's at this time that I need to reflect on my past work and use the summer break to work out what it is I want to be working towards and see myself creating during third year and beyond. Here are some snippets of what I was working on in my last project... What do they say about how I work? Chunky, colours, textures, mixed materials, jewels, jewellery, wall hangings, light fittings... ?  Inspiration for this project came from terrariums, exotic trapped indoor gardens encased in glass and surrounded by macrame.