Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Christmas Creativities… Wreaths

Wahoo it's Christmas Eve! I should have posted sooner but here is a Christmas post of one of the craft activities I've been busy doing this year…

 Every year I enjoy being able to decorate my own wreaths, it allows me to be a little bit more creative (and perhaps over the top!). But of course you're allowed a little bit of OTT at Christmas time… It's one of the first things I do when the season comes and the first decoration that goes up signifying Christmas has begun! And a lovely way to welcome guests at the door. If you're not keen on Christmas lights on the house or don't have the time, the wreath is a tasteful and beautiful way of making the streets a bit festive. Here are the three I made for my student house, my sisters house and for my mum. 

I bought the plain spruce wreaths and using wires, went to town on them! Fir cones, cinnamon sticks and dried fruit slices are lovely for a classic wreath. I like to collect and reuse old christmas decorations like baubles, ornamental fruits, silk flowers. And some fresh holly from the garden adds another texture. 

 'Raindrops on Roses'

This one was for my sister, I kept the colours quite muted and the roses and beads give it a contemporary young feel. 

 It's nice to have a bit of sparkle…

The beady bits came from a beautiful set of fairy lights I once had that sadly broke and no longer usable for the lights. They were still so pretty I couldn't just throw them away! I will even be using some in my Christmas table arrangements. 

'Highland Fling'

For my student house, the name and theme perhaps because I have a housemate from Scotland! This one has much more of a traditional feel with plenty of fir cones, fruits and tartan ribbon. I've also hidden a piece of mistletoe in the centre… Giving 'Fling' a new meaning?? 

I'm pleased with the strings of pearls that drape nicely when the wreath is hanging.

'Victorian Still Life'

With a definite 'fruity' feel, this wreath reminds me of the traditional Victorian Christmases we imagine. Reminiscent of The Christmas Carol and still life paintings of bowls of fruit. I made this one for my mum as it's at this house that the family festivities will take place and I think it's quite fitting for welcoming people in for the feast! 

Sunday, 22 December 2013

Sew Over It

 I apologise for the lack of updates recently. This term has been so busy with the realisation of final year, an internship, and of course Christmas preparations! But as Christmas is nearly here I reflect on the term. By far the highlight has been my time with Lisa Comfort and the girls at Sew Over It. It was a privilege to get to know the girls working in the beautiful shop in Clapham North, London. It was a very welcome change from university to spend some time in an actual place of work! They have so many things going on I was never left with nothing to do and my time was inspiring listening to everyone's story and how they work. With many classes you can take, craft kits and haberdashery to buy, it's a one stop shop if you're interested in learning to sew or interested in improving your skills. They've even expanded to knit and crochet classes which I'm very happy about! I have always been interested in craft and making and this year I am having to really think about what I could possibly do when I graduate and actually have to work! My time here has given me more ideas and inspiration as I think about how I could possibly start my own business, teach my own classes or work in this type of environment. I loved the warm atmosphere and the array of inspiring ideas, it's definitely a hidden treasure worth a visit if you're in London! 

Only round the corner from Clapham North underground station.

The shop always full of gift ideas and haberdashery.

Classes available for all levels of skill. 

They have launched their own kits, I had to resist buying some myself! There's a Tie kit, knicker kit, shift dress kit and lampshade kit with everything you'd need for the project. They also have their own patterns for a tea dress, wrap dress and shift dress. 

Whilst I was with them they held a pop up shop in Camden Town, here are some of their stunning jewels and ribbons they sourced from a trip to India. 

They always keep up to date with beautiful fabrics and offer a wide variety for all of your sewing projects. If you can't get to London you can buy directly from their website

Sunday, 10 November 2013

Muted Metals

Even though I've spent the past four weeks at a work placement, I don't switch off from my current project. I may not be specifically working on it, but always alert to inspiration, and thinking about it through observations. I'm beginning to realise my projects are so on my mind I often end up wearing my ideas. At the moment I'm interested in metal tones; coppers, antique gold, rose gold. And this is what I'm wearing, watch from Next, ring from Topshop, earrings from the V&A shop. 

Saturday, 9 November 2013

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Monday, 21 October 2013

Final year began all right!

It's been a while since I've posted, mainly because I've been so busy all over the south of England! A short holiday in Bournemouth and a visit to see my newly wed sister in Brighton, before packing up back to Bath for the start of uni. But as soon as I finished organising my bedroom for another term... I'm back in Basingstoke again! This is because I've managed to get a work placement at the shop, Sew Over It for four weeks based in (don't worry, not another 'B' word) London!  An exciting expanding business offering sewing and craft workshops, and tea and cake... It has been mentioned this sounds perfect for me! Probably because of the cake element...
Phew, so though it's been busy I much prefer it that way. Going back for my final year is a daunting prospect and these few weeks away have been very welcome.
Before packing a suitcase and weekend bag again to travel back home for my placement, I managed to sort my desk space out at uni ready to get going when I come back. We had a 'Pinterest' project to do over summer that summarised our style and interests leading into our next project, so my space is filled with inspirational images that will inform my explorations and creations this term. You can see my summarised board here! Updates about my placement and project will follow as soon as I eventually unpack my suitcase...

Here is how I left my desk space.

Monday, 16 September 2013

Summer Cards

I've been card making! I've been making cards for as long as I can remember and It's a hobby i've always enjoyed. Friends and family have been subject to receiving my little creations for years and I rarely buy a card. But in the past few years I've been fortunate enough to have a selection on sale in the florist I've been working at, The Butterfly Tree. I always include a textiles element and every one is slightly different due to being individually hand crafted. This collection feature a wreath detail and 3D fabric and crocheted motifs.

I'm always collecting bits and pieces from vintage buttons and interesting beads.

Remember those crocheted flowers from an older post? I've used them here too!

I'm also forever looking and collecting lovely papers. From special gift wrap rescued from gifts given to me and wallpaper cuttings.

These are examples of the birthday selection but these cards come with many messages and some are plain so you can add your own message in the centre.

Here are some of my cards displayed in the shop. If you're interested in any, feel free to pop over to The Butterfly Tree Florist or contact me!

Sunday, 15 September 2013

Blossom Pushpins

It's nice to be able to have one last chance to do my own crafty bits and pieces before uni starts and I have to put my mind to design in a different way. You may recognise the crocheted flowers I featured in a previous post, and here they've become little push pins with glass bead centres. 

Displayed in a little presentation box, pretty enough as a piece of art on a shelf.

What do you think? If you're interested, contact me!