Monday, 21 October 2013

Final year began all right!

It's been a while since I've posted, mainly because I've been so busy all over the south of England! A short holiday in Bournemouth and a visit to see my newly wed sister in Brighton, before packing up back to Bath for the start of uni. But as soon as I finished organising my bedroom for another term... I'm back in Basingstoke again! This is because I've managed to get a work placement at the shop, Sew Over It for four weeks based in (don't worry, not another 'B' word) London!  An exciting expanding business offering sewing and craft workshops, and tea and cake... It has been mentioned this sounds perfect for me! Probably because of the cake element...
Phew, so though it's been busy I much prefer it that way. Going back for my final year is a daunting prospect and these few weeks away have been very welcome.
Before packing a suitcase and weekend bag again to travel back home for my placement, I managed to sort my desk space out at uni ready to get going when I come back. We had a 'Pinterest' project to do over summer that summarised our style and interests leading into our next project, so my space is filled with inspirational images that will inform my explorations and creations this term. You can see my summarised board here! Updates about my placement and project will follow as soon as I eventually unpack my suitcase...

Here is how I left my desk space.


  1. Love your moodboard! Well done on the placement! looks right up your street. Clapham is just around the corner from where I live :)

  2. Thanks Polly! Do you really? You're more than welcome to pop by and say hello! Would be lovely to see you! They've got great events coming up in Camden too, you should come along! Hope you're doing well :) xx