Monday, 21 January 2013

The Walcot Project

A group from my course are doing an exhibition called 'The Walcot Project'. Our brief was to include something that related to the word Gradient, and collectively we decided to include some metallic element in our work... For my project I decided to take inspiration from statement necklaces (possible metallic reference here!) and bird's eggs. Though initially seeming random, these will inspire the colours, forms, designs and end product. My concept is, 'Adorning the home' creating jewellery pieces you could use to decorate interiors. Being the new year and all and the fact our exhibition will be in February and heading towards Easter... I felt looking at eggs, being a symbol of new life, would be appropriate for the project. I also love their distinctive shape, range in size (fitting the gradient theme), ceramic and jewel like qualities and the mottled beautiful tones of colours they come in, especially robin's egg blues.

My work space, inspiring images and a selection of my own necklaces to get my creativity flowing.

Working towards a colour palette.

Gradient of eggs.

Luxurious yarn being prepared for dying. Merino wool, Banana loop, and silk.

Have a look at my pinterest board, 'Adorn me' to see the images that are inspiring this project...

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