Sunday, 25 August 2013

Personalised Wedding biscuits

As promised instalments of wedding photos will be posted. Though these are not from the day it's a sneak peak into some of the efforts into adding special touches to the occasion. I can't take complete credit for the idea as it comes from a combination found on trusty Pinterest. To find ideas I'd love to try or have already had a go, visit my pinterest page especially the Handcrafted board; My Pinterest Page

To make my personalised wedding biscuits you'l need a few rubbers, a pencil and a curved lino cutter (found in most craft and art shops). 

Draw your designs onto the rubbers. Remember to make sure the designs are back to front as they'l be turned the other way round when used! I drew my designs on paper first till I was happy with the size and style. As these were for my sister's wedding I chose 3 designs, Lara and Dan's initials, a heart, and the date of their wedding day. But this idea could be used for all sorts of occasions such as for Christmas, birthdays, Valentines... 

Carefully cut out your design. Take your time and do it in layers. A small mistake can easily be fixed by reworking it in the next layer. I wasn't sure if this would work for biscuit stamping as the stamps need to be quite deep in order to make a good imprint into the biscuits, but as long as you're careful in this stage they should keep their shape.

Make your biscuit mixture, make sure your stamps are carefully washed, and stamp away! For my mixture I used an almond biscuit recipe, but many biscuit recipes work fine, as long as it's not a mixture that spreads too much when being baked. I found mixture often got caught in the crevices of the stamps, to over come this I made sure there was a generous sprinkling of flour on the rolled mixture as well as on the stamp.

Ready for the oven...

Once cool, finish with a powdering of icing sugar and they are ready to eat! I found they were great for dunking with a cup of tea. 

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