Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Lara and Dan's Wedding- The reception

Finally, we have the last in the Lara and Dan Wedding instalments. The vows have been made, The guests have been refreshed with tea and cake, now everyone can relax and enjoy the party- apart from the men doing speeches... For me at least I was able to enjoy the day and admire all the flower arranging, napkin folding and hard work that my summer has been dominated by. I've never learnt how todo photography but it was a lot of fun attempting to capture moments and expressions, details and memories. Weddings are fantastic for bringing together lots of people having a great time as well as pretty sights and decorations- my favourite things!

We love because he first loved us

Pimms on arrival to the venue.

Fairy lights, lanterns and bunting

Lovely personalised favours for all the guests made by Lara

Mum and Dad

Love is patient, love is kind

Mr and Mrs Clarke arrive!

Paper flowers made from music sheets


My grandmas admiring the canvas Lara made of wedding photos including some of theirs!

Capturing beautiful moments, Eloise and Lara. 

A threefold cord is not easily broken


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