Thursday, 28 March 2013

Adorn me... The Gradation project.

It's been long over due but here is what happened with the 'Gradation' brief. The exhibition was over a month ago now and these are some of the pieces I had been working on to go in it.  I got carried away with draping knit and making ceramic eggs. Though it was a while ago, with Easter here it's appropriately spring like and eggy!

My work space with all the background work and developments.

Some of the ceramic rejects.

The collection.

Dip-dyed knitted chains.

Pop of colour with blue chain and a few coral links.

Draping with knit for a statement piece.

Knitted panel necklaces with hanging egg beads.

The pendant variety.

Light-catching resin with a touch of metalic sparkle encased.

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