Sunday, 31 March 2013

Easter Creativities

He has risen! It doesn't feel like spring, certainly doesn't look like it outside, but we can still celebrate this weekend and here's some of my Easter crafts I've enjoyed to brighten up the chilly days, let's hope some spring sunshine turns up soon.

Easter decorations for the family, simple ceramic eggs big and small tied with a piece of ribbon or mix of rustic string.

Wrapped in bright spring-like paper tied with twine. Paper from the store Tiger (, I love this shop, so many curious products from household utencils, to children's crafts.

Mum's hung by the fireplace.

Spring time table arrangement, you'l need a dish or interesting container, florist's foam, mix of foliage, spring flowers and for mine I added some fabric eggs to add interest.

Here are my assortment of fabric eggs made using scraps of fabric and polystyrene eggs. Tutorial on how to do these can be found at Polly Rowan's beautiful blog,

The completed arrangement; blossom, rose, veronica, tulips and hyacinth.

Here are some others using my ceramic egg shaped bowls in three different sizes, they look good together on the table amongst scattered fabric covered eggs.

I regret I can't take credit for the Easter bakes but I certainly enjoyed my mum's yummy selection of classic Simnel cake, ginger flapjacks, mocha squares, and chocolate nests.

Happy Easter! :) 

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  1. Lovely photos Steph :) glad you liked my tutorial! Your ceramic eggs are beautiful xo